How to unlock a locked android phone is a very common question or keyword that is being searched on search engines (such as Google, Bing or Yahoo, etc) by most android users.

Android is a very interesting device with great features and it is becoming very popular than other operating system in the mobile market since its release in 2008 by Google. 

One of the common problem most android users face most of the time is how to unlock their android devices after forgetting the passwords or pattern used in locking it.

How to unlock an locked android pone without a computer

Most of the times your android device can get locked if someone else tries too many passwords/patterns on it and in a case where you never added any google account into your device, it becomes more of a problem.

That is one of the reason why it is very necessary and advisable that you add your google account(s) to any android device(s) you own so as to be on a safer side. The same thing is applicable to any other device you own apart from android (for example, login your Microsoft account into your lumia device).

To get your android device unlocked, kindly follow the instructions below and your phone will be unlocked without problem.

Step 1: Switch off your android device

Firstly, you will have to switch off your Android device (or remove and reinsert the battery if necessary.

Step 2: Boot into Recovery Mode

After switching off your android device, the next step is to boot into the recovery mode. Booting into recovery mode are of different ways, depending on the particular android device you are having. 

You can do this by easily pressing and holding first, the Volume Up button and secondly, the Power button (Don't release it any of the buttons till an android logo is being displayed on your screen).

For some other android devices, press and hold the Volume Down button + the Power button. While for those android devices with Home Buttons, you are to press and down the Home Button + Volume Up (or Volume Down in some cases) and lastly, press and hold down the Power Button as well, till an android logo is being displayed on your screen.

Step 3: Navigating on Recovery Mode

Navigating while on recovery mode varies as well in all android devices depending mostly on their versions.

For most android devices the Power button is for making selections while the Volume Up button is for scrolling up and the Volume Down button is for scrolling down.

For some other devices, the Volume Up button is for making selections while the Volume Down button is for navigating both up and down.

Step 4: Deleting your User Data

Navigate through (up or down) and get to where it is written; DELETE ALL USER DATA or RESTORE ALL USER DATA (depending on the device). Then press the particular button meant for making selection for your device (as stated in Step 3).

Note: Deleting your android user data wipes away everything you are having right on the phone internal memory (such as your photos, videos, songs, documents) or whatever it is that is stored inside it as well as your forgotten password. Though it won't affect anything on your device's external memory (SD Card).

Note: Do not try this tutorial whenever you are having a low battery, to prevent causing harm to your device.

For the USER DATA to be wiped, you have to give it a little time of about a minute or so.

Step 5: Rebooting

If you have properly followed all the  instructions stated above your phone will automatically Reboot by itself after wiping out the user data and then your device will be successfully unlocked.

Note: Google is now building more security for the latest android devices, this tutorial may or may not work on latest android devices such as Android 6 (Marshmallow).
Disclaimer: This tutorial is only meant for educational purposes. won't be held responsible if anything happens to your device as a result of trying this instructions.

In this tutorial (How to unlock a locked android phone), I've tried to making it this easy and for readers to easily understand but if you encounter any problem, you can easily use the comment box and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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