Just when I was beginning to wonder why Google has abandoned Blogger and all of its users, then came a new surprise from them.

It was just about a minute ago while I logged in my blogger dashboard and I got the a pop up (screenshot above) from Google asking me if I want to try out their new templates.

Before this blog was launched on blogger about some weeks ago, I personally have been doing a whole lot of research online concerning blogger in particular. I must say, must of what I found out wasn't pleasant at all.

About 90% of "Pros and Cons" on the internet are all emphasising mainly on the disadvantages. They proved that blogger is way too outdated.

Haha! Seems like Google made some research themselves and got tired of all what the internet was saying about them, and they decided to give us a smile.

I quickly tried out about two (2) amongst the new themes and whoa! they are indeed very awesome, and I think these new themes will help out a lot, especially to new bloggers and also to all those who likes trying out new stuffs.

To get these new themes, go to your blogger dashboard, click on "Themes" by the left hand side and then you are going to find them.

These new themes are categorised thus;

1. Contempo:

2. Soho:

3. Emporio:

4. Notable: 

Note: Each of these categories are all having five (5) themes each under them.

Also, Google added a new feature which allows blogger users to either make their gadgets visible on their blogs or not. This can be seen in the screenshot below. With the eye icon being crossed on each gadgets, hides them from being seen on your blog by your visitors.

You can keep trying each and every one of them to find whichever one that might suit your blog the way you want. Am very sure a whole lot of blogger users will love this new development.

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  1. Hahahahaha!!! Its cool sha...but i dont want to use any of them!!

    Its indeed a nice long read,i will try to put it to practice.

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