Want to become a blogger but don't know how? Or maybe you are kind of confused about how to start up a blog? You're just at the right place.

Firstly, what does the word "Blog" mean to you?

According to Wikipedia: A blog (a truncation of the expression weblog) is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries ("posts"). 

Meanwhile, according to; A blog is a website containing a writer's or group of writers' own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other websites.

But simply put for me, my blog is my online diary. 

Now, who is a Blogger? A person who keeps a Web log (blog) or publish an online diary.

Types of Blogs
We do have various types of blogs, and they can be classified based on the use of the blogs.
1. Personal
2. Private
3. Business
4. Sports
5. Military
6. Politics
7. Non-Profits
8. Schools

Please read these articles to know more about blog types and categories:
1. Udemy
2. Writetodone

The reason or purpose why you choose blogging will help you out in choosing the type of blog that is fit for you.

Reasons why people blog:
1. For making money
2. For expressing themselves (Talents)
3. For sharing ideas
4. For sharing information
5. For fun

In some way, your reason for wanting to blog can be determined based on the type of blog you want to fall into. Meanwhile, blogging can be a lot more fun if you can be achieving the above reasons (1-4).

Although there are some other reasons why most other people go into blogging, and some of them are meant for good but of negative approaches. I will only mention but a few, which are;
1. Scamming
2. Ripping
3. Passing out wrong information
4. Blackmailing, etc.

Before embarking on the journey of being a blogger, you need to be good at making research and finding out results. Most people are having a wrong idea or perspective towards blogging.

They think blogging is as easy as it sounds whenever they hear about how other people are earning huge from it. But you shouldn't be like them anymore. Though am not trying to scare you away from your intention of becoming a blogger, what am just trying to state here is that you need to be prepared for as many challenges you are going to face afterwards.

On the other hand, blogging is very easy but you ought to be growing very good at it each day and always be ready to seek information about how to improve the more.

For me, blogging is becoming more easier. The more I write, the more excited I get and also the more ideas I get as well.

Another thing to put into consideration before starting up a blog is your audience. Who is your blog and its articles meant for? Where are they from or how easily can you relate with them?

Here are some questions you should consider before diving into blogging:
1. How do I start up a blog?
2. Should I get a custom domain name?
3. What should I blog about?
4. How do I start earning? Who pays me?
5. What blogging platform should I choose?

(There are a lot more questions that will come to your mind when you get to this section but kindly ask any question you have in the comment box, and we'll reply to as many as we can).

Even after getting all the above questions sorted out, I'll still advice you try as much as possible to reach out to other bloggers that are ahead of you. Though its difficult to get in touch with most of them, while some won't reply you at all. Others might reply but might be charging you, while the cool ones who are kind hearted will reply you for free but only when they're chanced, as bloggers are always busy.

What Blogger Platform Should You Choose?
Concerning what blogger platform you should choose, there are about three (3) most popular free blogging platforms namely:
1. Google Blogger (Click here)
2. Wordpress
3. Tumblr

Though there are so many other free blogging platforms as well, such as Wix, SimDif, Medium, Ghost and many more.

After choosing a blogger platform, what next?

Blog Design: Themes
Simply put, almost all blog designs are being referred to as "themes", and so many of these themes has been already available by each of the various blogging platforms. It's all left for you to choose from the default ones or go for customised (free or premium) ones.
This part can get someway technical or let me say geeky for those who have no knowledge about HTML, CSS or Javascript but you either pay those good at it to help you design your blog to your taste or stick to any of the available free customised themes out there.

Making your first post as a blogger:
Most of these blogging platforms actually provides simple means of making posts that mainly looks like a word processing software such as Microsoft Word, making it easy for your to understand.

If you've got questions related to this post, kindly ask them in the comment box. But for other questions or suggestions kindly send us a mail to

Wish you success and happy blogging!

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