In this post, am going to be explaining how to create a free blog on blogger with steps. I feel Google will show favouritism towards its blog in terms of ranking than other blogs. So lets get started.

How to create a free blog on blogger

Step 1: Creating a Gmail Account

Go to on your browser to create a free gmail (email) account, for without a gmail account you will be limited from most of google services. But if you already have a gmail account and wish to use it to create your blog, you can skip this Step 1 and go ahead to Step 2. 
Example of a gmail account is

Step 2: Signing in into blogger

After creating your gmail account, kindly make sure you write down your every details so you don't forget them later on. 
Then go to and click on Sign in at the top right hand side and then sign in using your gmail account.

Step 3: Creating a Google+ Account

You will be ask to confirm your profile, for those who are just creating a new google (gmail) account, you are to create a Google Profile on Google+ for yourself

Click on “Create a Google+ profile” and fill in the form with your details. Click on "Create Profile" when you are done and next, you will be asked to Customize your avatar (upload your desired profile photo) and Save or click on Skip to go to the next phase.

Note: Creating a Google Profile on Google+ is optional, you can click on "Create a limited Blogger profile" to skip it, though it is advisable you create a Google Profile.

Step 4: Back to Blogger

After creating successfully creating your Google Profile, you will be automatically redirected back to Google Blogger Dashboard where you can now begin the main process of creating your first blog.

Click on “New blog” by the left hand side of your blogger dashboard or click on the "Create New Blog" on the center of your dashboard (See screenshots above).

Step 5: Giving your blog a name

A. On the Title space, give the title you want your blog to have (this serves as the name that will represent your blog. For example: 3rends, Google, Wikipedia, Wikihow, Twitter, Facebook (Note: These are only but examples, give yours a name of your choice). You can change your blog title later on anyway.

B. On the Address space, enter an address for your blog. It’s very important that you think before you choose your blog address. You won't be allowed to use any blog address that is being used by another person or not available. So take note, find the right address to represent you. Though you can as well change this later but advisable only when you blog is still under construction and only known by you or maybe less than 3 other people. Example of a (blog) address is

Tip: You blog address should be meaningful and also, try as much as possible to keep it simple, and easy to remember.

C. Next is to Select a theme (Popularly known as template by most blogger users) you want for your blog. A theme or template is the beauty of your blog. One way or the other, I believe you might have heard of "Web Design" before. A blogger template is blog/web design, and by default, blogger already got some for you to use. Though you can customize or change it later.

See: Top 10 Custom Blogger Templates for Beginners

Step 6: The Final Stage

Click on “Create Blog!” and your blog will be successfully created, having each and every details you have provided in its creation process.

Congratulations you have just created your first blog ever on Google Blogger. Never you forget your gmail details as you won't be able to have access to your blog if you do. Though if you had provided a mobile number or recovery email address for your gmail, you'll be able to still retrieve them anytime.

Note: Just like any other firm or organization, Google has its own terms and conditions guiding each of their products and blogger isn't exempted. Try as much as possible to know these Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) so as to avoid breaking or violating any, as this will lead to the termination of your blog. Same applies to any other of Google products you have created so far.

    Now, enjoy blogging by creating any other blog of your choice at any time. If you need any help please feel free to ask in the comment box.

    And if you like this tutorial (HOW TO CREATE A FREE BLOG ON BLOGGER), please kindly share to others.

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