On our last post I started the Method 1 on how to install or apply blogger template but right now am going to be explaining the second method (Method 2).

Method 2: Manual
This method is not popularly known and barely being used by bloggers. Its a fix to most of the common template issues that I've encountered myself.

How to Manually Apply a Blogger Template: 
Login into your blogger dashboard and click on "Theme" and then select "Backup/Restore" at the top right hand side (See screenshot below). 

In the next phase you will be provided with an option to either download your template backup or upload a new template from either your phone or computer (whichever device you are using).

Note: It is very necessary you always download of backup of your current theme before applying a new one so you don't get yourself in a irreversible situation.

Backing up your template/theme is easy, just click on the "Download theme" button and choose a place to save the backup (.xml) file. Don't just download the backup into your phone or laptop, you can as well make a cloud backup of it, to be on the safer side.

After having your old theme backed up, next is to copy the HTML Codes of your new template and paste it (replacing the old template).
To do this, you must be on your blogger dashboard, click on "Theme" once again, then select "Edit HTML" below the  Live on Blog (Desktop view) of your blog. (See the screenshot below)

If you don't have any idea about HTML Codes you don't have to be afraid, all you need do here is exchanging the codes of your current with the new one.

To do this, first open the new template (.xml) file using Notepad or Wordpad (PC Users), android users can make use of ES File Explorer or any other word processing software/application.

PC Users: Press & hold Ctrl + A on your keyboard to highlight all (Screenshot below) and then press & hold Ctrl + C again to copy all the HTML Codes.

Android Users: Download ES File Explorer from Google Playstore, open it after installation then locate the directory where you had saved the new template you want to use. While on ES File Explorer, open the (.xml) file using ES Note Editor, click on the pencil icon at the top and then press and hold any part of the HTML codes and then press the option to (highlight) Select All and then finally, Copy All. 

Go back to your blogger Dashboard > Theme > Edit HTML and paste the codes you have copied from the new template, then click "Save theme" (shaded in orange color). 

And that's all. You can now go back and view your blog's new design.

Tip: To have a better view of your new template, kindly make sure you are having not less than 5 posts.

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