One of the common problem most google bloggers face at some point is how to delete all or some specific labels from posts or from their blogs entirely.

One way or the other reasons to delete blogger labels arises, and one of the common reason is when we want to make a switch in our blog niche. Leaving all the old niche labels will surely make the blog really scanty and unprofessional.

I had encountered same label issue before as well, but after playing around my blogger dashboard I was able to delete a specific label from some specific posts. When I was able to do it I was so shocked myself. And the best part of it all is that the label itself gets deleted permanently from the whole of the blog.

How to delete a label from some specific post:

1. First step is to login your blogger account.

2. Click on "Posts" (All Posts).

3. Click on the "All Labels" at the top right (Close to search).

4. Then select the label you want to delete. For the sake of this post, I added a "Delete 1" label to all my posts. If you look closely at the screenshot below, you will see the label at the top right and also, all posts with the Delete 1 Label has been filtered out. 

5. Select/Mark the posts you wish to delete the label from. On this post am going to be deleting the Delete 1 label from all my posts and not just from some specific ones. (Screenshot below)

6. After marking all the posts with the Delete 1 label, next is to get that particular label deleted. To do that, click on the blogger Label Icon that is in between the Select all/Mark all and Publish.

7. Once again, select the label (Delete 1) again from the label dropdowns and that's just it. The Delete 1 label will be deleted from all the selected posts. 

I know you might be wondering how simple this worked out, but knowledge is power.

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