Our main focus on this post is about 2-Step Verification which serves as a means of online security.

Online security is all about you securing your online accounts at all cost or means. How serious are you taking your online privacy, profiles, information or your online security in general? The tighter your online security, the better it becomes for you.

It is so obvious that most people have little or no knowledge about what online security means or the risks of not taking your online security serious. 

Often times, people complain about their so called online accounts (such as facebook, instagram, whatsapp, twitter, gmail, etc.) being hacked by either hackers, anonymous or unknown people. 

The truth they say, is bitter. And the truth is that they had taken their online security for granted. Most of the times, these so called hacked accounts were not hacked by real hackers actually, but by people with mere hacking pranks.

2-Step Verification:
2-Step Verification, also known as 2-Factor Authentication in most cases, is an advanced online security option to tighten your online account securities.
Though the most common 2-Step Verification option that was first made available was that of the mobile number verification method. The thing about this method is that each time you try to login any of your online account that is 2-Step Verification enabled, you are going to sent a code on your mobile phone to confirm that you are actually the one trying to login or someone else that has your password.

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Most people complain about not always being with their phones in some places to access the 2-Step Verification code being sent. But right here is another option for such situations.

In these recent times, there have been a whole lot of 2-Step Verification applications (such as Authy, Glyph, Garena, Microsoft and so many other 2-Step Authenticator apps out there) but for now we are going to be talking about that of Google Authenticator.

Google Authenticator:
It is an application that doesn't really needs an internet connection for it to function (i.e. it provides you with codes even with an internet connection). The codes it provides are to be inserted on your online accounts where necessary, and please note that the codes it provides are only valid for some limited seconds of which it will regenerate a new one again.

Though for now, Google Authenticator app is only available for android users alone and it is very easy to use. Just go to your Google Playstore, search and download it.

How to make use of Google Authenticator Android Application:
After downloading and installing, login to whichever of your online account on a computer, go to Settings (Advanced Settings in most cases) and then click on Security, then select Enable 2-Step Verification. Open your Google Authenticator app on android, click on the Scan option and then using your camera being launched by the app to scan the bar-code being provided and finally, that's it all.

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Whenever you choose to login your 2-Step Verification enabled account, after providing your password on login, you will be ask to provide your 2-Step Verification code. Kindly insert it and you will be logged in sucessfully.

Note: With 2-Step Verification (be it mobile number or Google Authenticator) enabled on your online account(s), not everyone with your password(s) can still be able to gain access into your account(s).

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