How to make money online easily with 4 easy sites

It has never been easier making money online but in recent times, there has been a whole lot of new developments and almost everyday we keep discovering more ways of how to make money online and of legit and legal means.
How to make money online

In one of our last article, we stated one of the legit and easiest means of making money online from creating a fiverr account and how to make the best out of it , but right now we are going to be adding more or additional methods of earning legitimate income by spending about 4 -10 hours daily and applying only but little tasks.

Today, we are going to be focusing on Freelancing as a legitimate methods on how to make money online right from your home or whatever comfort zone you choose.

1. FREELANCING: What does this mean? Freelancing is defined as a means of helping people perform some little or much tasks online and to get paid for the services, and these tasks/services you are to be rendering includes; Graphic Designing, Web designing, Fashion Designing, Web Maintenance, SEO related and a whole lot of other jobs that can be carried out and rendered online. 

How to earn money online

In freelancing, you don't always need to know much details about your client(s) but though it is very necessary you perform the required task as ordered or requested by your clients and also to deliver these jobs/tasks at the required time interval, as this will create a more friendly environment between you and your customers.

Customers that are well satisfied with your works will likely want to come back to you for more jobs. Also, these satisfied customers will also be pleased to drop good reviews about you, and also rating your kind of job performance very high. When you are being rated highly by most of you customers, this will create more chances for them to be telling other people about you, and also other new people will choose to try you out based on your good ratings.

For you to get started with a freelancing job, you will be needing to take your first step by signing up to any of the under listed online market places;

1. Fiverr: Fiverr as an online market place has grown to be the largest online market place ever known worldwide. (See our Fiverr freelancing guide here).

Make money from fiver

2. Upwork: This is also one of the best online market place to earn money from as a freelancer. Though being a freelancer on upwork doesn't limit or stops you from also rendering freelancing jobs on Fiverr or any other online market place(s) as well.

How to make money on upwork

3. Peopleperhour: On peopleperhour, you can also render or offer as much services as you can or choose, even though Fiverr has more available services (referred to as gigs) on its platform than most of other freelancing platforms or online market places.

People per hour freelancing platform

There are 2 ways of boosting your freelancing career which are on-page and off-page.

  • On-Page: This involves getting good reviews and being rated highly based on jobs done and customers satisfaction.
  • Off-Page: This involves the kind of activities you can carryout on social medias or around you, telling people about you being a freelancer and also sharing your direct links for them to easily reach out to you.

TIP: It is advisable you choose to render or offer only services you are best at so as to maintain a good reputation as a freelancer. Don't just pick up any services, all with the intension of trying it out. You can go learn more on it before giving it a try, if it will work for you.

4. Toptal: Toptal is a private American company which provides freelance software engineers and also software designers to whichever company that needs such service(s).

Toptal freelance market place for software and software engineers

Note: Please, kindly bear in mind that this article will always be updated as new improvements or changes might be occurring in the freelancing world.

Summary: The above four (4) mentioned freelancing marketplaces are only but a few amongst other online market places, although they are well-known and more popular than others that are not mentioned here.

Conclusion: In this article, we have explained the ways on how to make money online legitimately, and if there's anything you feel we missed, please kindly make it known in the comment box or by contacting us through our contact page, thanks.

Please kindly share this post, thanks.

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